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Dissenter Browser

Windows 1.5.114, March 23 2020

Dissenter is a fast ad-blocking web browser based on Brave, that puts control back in your hands. Dissenter Browser aims to reduce the amount of tracking and third-party connections which are made by modern browsers, and disable big tech control over what you can and can't do. The Dissenter extension is included, allowing you to join a comments section on any URL!

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If the download gives you trouble, download from GitHub!
Dissenter will now auto-update when we release new versions!
The new Dissenter Installer will terminate running instances of Dissenter, it's best to close them first.

Generally a chromium browser installer will launch the browser at the end, but that isn't working at the moment and I didn't want to hold up the release. As a workaround, the default browser (hopefully Dissenter) will launch to Trends.


This is equivalent to Brave Browser 1.5.114, with some modifications:
Brave Ads, Brave Rewards, Brave Sync, Brave Wallet, Google GCM, Brave New Tab Sponsored Images, and many other things are DISABLED.
Dissenter Extension is embedded right in the URL bar.
The new tab page is something we can continue to build on!