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Dissenter Browser

MacOS 0.70.122, March 23 2020

Dissenter is a fast ad-blocking web browser based on Brave, that puts control back in your hands. Dissenter Browser aims to reduce the amount of tracking and third-party connections which are made by modern browsers, and disable big tech control over what you can and can't do. The Dissenter extension is included, allowing you to join a comments section on any URL!

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Dissenter Browser.70.122.dmg
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You are downloading a MacOS disk image. Please follow the instructions provided by the publisher to install and use this application on your computer.


Activate the downloaded dmg file and drag the Dissenter icon onto the Applications icon. Choose replace when prompted.

Important if coming from a version earlier than 69.135! To save your bookmarks & settings from previous versions:

  • Open Finder
  • Hit Shift+Command+G or choose Go->Go To Folder from the menu
  • Type ~/Library and hit enter (that first character is the tilde, on most keyboards it's shift + the key next to 1)
  • Double-click the Application Support folder
  • Double-click the DissenterSoftware folder
  • Rename the folder inside from Dissenter to Dissenter-Browser

This is a one-time event, because we made a significant re-write of the browser process, and un-intentionally changed the folder.


Latest build, includes urgent Google Chromium security fixes for 0-day exploits. More info on that here: