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Dissenter Browser

MacOS 0.68.131, November 02 2019

Dissenter is a fast ad-blocking web browser based on Brave, that puts control back in your hands. Dissenter Browser aims to reduce the amount of tracking and third-party connections which are made by modern browsers, and disable big tech control over what you can and can't do. The Dissenter extension is included, allowing you to join a comments section on any URL!

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You are downloading a MacOS disk image. Please follow the instructions provided by the publisher to install and use this application on your computer.


Download the disk image, open it, and drag the Dissenter Browser app to the Applications folder to get started with the Dissenter browser for MacOS.



This version is a total re-write of the Dissenter Browser, which aims to be more stable, faster, and more repeatable when upstream changes are made. The Dissenter Extension's new tab page is now optional, and not enabled by default, but may persist from your previous version. If we've missed anything, please provide feedback as a github issue at:

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